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Classes start again Tuesday, October 8, 2024

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  • No experience is required
  • Learn a new trade and profession
  • Learn how to prepare taxes "by hand"
  • Convenience of flexible working hours
  • Part-Time and Full-Time positions available
  • Small classroom setting of up to 10 students
  • Have your own Preparer Tax Identification Number
  • Opportunity to advance to Management or Partnership
  • Classes are personally taught by CEO & Founder, Tim C. Lee

TCL Financial & Tax Services offers an annual Income Tax Course called, "The Fundamentals of the Individual Income Tax."


This class was personally created and will be instructed by CEO and Founder, Tim C. Lee.  Tim teaches the course using actual and fictional scenarios, income tax forms and schedules, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publications, pre-designed notes, study guides, tax preparation worksheets, technology, and many other resources.


The course begins by Tim teaching his students how to prepare taxes "by hand" first, and strongly discourages them to rely on the computer alone.  He stresses that the only way to appreciate and understand "The Income Tax" is to learn it "by hand" first and to incorporate the computer only as a means to verify your answers and to make your calculations faster. 


Tim states, "Anyone can buy software, install it on their computer, and Do Taxes, but I promise you, upon graduating from my Income Tax Course, you will KNOW TAXES."


For that reason, Tim quotes the company's slogan almost every day during the course:


"We Don't Just Do Taxes...WE KNOW TAXES"


We can assure you, Tim's Income Tax Course is like no other income tax course being offered. 


He brings to the classroom compassion and enthusiasm.  Tim makes "The Income Tax," what Albert Einstein called the hardest thing to understand in the world, seem very easy.


Upon completion of the course, Tim will also assist you in obtaining a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) with the IRS.  This number is required by the IRS for every Tax Preparer that prepares tax returns. 


Whether it is part-time or full-time, Tim is always seeking to hire ambitious and self-motivated individuals to join his Team.  We also have management positions available and a Business Partnership Opportunity if you are interested in becoming a business owner of your very own TCL Financial & Tax Services.


Below is a link for you to view, print, and/or save the Welcome Letter, Course Curriculum, Pricing Options, and the Course Schedule for Tim's 2024 Income Tax Course, just to give you an idea of how detailed and thorough this class will be.

View, print, and/or save the Welcome Letter, Course Curriculum, Pricing Options, and the Course Schedule for Tim's 2024 Income Tax Course.

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