Tax Preparation Worksheets

I know almost everyone hates filling out worksheets, but at TCL Financial & Tax Services, "We Dont, Just Do Taxes...WE KNOW TAXES."  I personally created these detailed worksheets to assist our clients in maximizing their refund or minimizing their balance due amount.  Taking the time to review and complete these worksheets can definitely have a major impact on the end result of your income tax return.  These summarized worksheets that I have designed can not be compared to those of any other tax preparation company.  Every deduction you can think of, and even those you have not thought of, are on these worksheets.  You came to the "BEST" to get your taxes prepared, so take the time and effort to complete the worksheets...I am sure you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome of your income tax return.



Thanks in advance,


Tim C. Lee

CEO & Founder